Considering the challenges of the national emergencies of the past decade, both the opioid and COVID-19 crisis, there has been an alarming concern that the industry needs to reimagine healthcare in totality. However, there have been several positive impacts from COVID-19, and as we begin to discover new ways to create paths to experience better health, these are a few of the positive trends my company is seeing that will be important for the future.

1. Driving Efficiency With Data Analytics

The pandemic has made it clear that data is critical to make decisions promptly. Analytics tied with key data metrics can drive efficiency in healthcare to solve future healthcare crises. For example, we now know that to determine the need for hospital supplies, such as masks, gowns and even ventilators, data metrics are critical in the COVID-19 crisis. Additionally, to accelerate drug development, real-world data use can help expand the exploration of ways to use drugs in novel therapeutic indications and conditions. These are a few examples of how we can begin to move the needle of driving efficiency with data and improving healthcare for patients with the current tools that exist today. Tools like these can help strike a balance between efficiency and quality of care. I also think we’re going to see more tools that can be tailored to specific use cases.

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