Sometimes you need an external resource to provide insights into how your peers have solved similar revenue cycle problems.  Our consultants have incredibly successful track records working with some of the largest ─ and smallest ─ providers in the country. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients as they tackle their most challenging issues.

Managed Care Consulting – Superior data analytics, including financial and contract modeling, combined with deep expertise in payer and provider operations allow us to help improve your margins.

  • Expertise in managed care contracting and contract modeling.
  • Aergo’s experts have both payer and provider experience, helping you “level the playing field” and optimize payer relations.

Revenue Cycle Consulting – Through an in-depth assessment of revenue cycle operations, Aergo defines the current state, measures performance, and provides actionable improvement recommendations.

  • Identifies opportunities and provides tailored solutions to create a clear culture of accountability for optimal revenue performance.
  • Gives recommendations from deep experience and best practices for RCM enhancement considering what is best for providers and patients.
  • Oversees change management to assess, design, and implement initiatives that empower clients to succeed in the future.
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Aergo’s proprietary technology is best in breed and has repeatedly been used by our clients to dispute improper payer analysis. Our organic approach helps identify and solve all types of contractual and operational problems.


Get an objective view of your revenue cycle with assessment and fresh insights.